Dorotha Rae Edgeworth

This is the story of my mother, a woman for all ages. This site is under contruction as I add all of her many kudos and proofs that she was THE nurse who established progressive patient care in the late '50s and 60's at Grant Hospital, the new wing. This and her international government work gave the hospitals their floor plans which is used today, ICU, intermediate & ambulatory. She rose to that position after being one of the heads of the Grant Hospital nursing school. Marlene Hilligoss, one of her students & an employee at the end of Dorotha's career running the Union Medical Center for the Beef Boners and Sausage Stuffers Union, Chicago., is still a friend & neighbor at the EBA.
Dorotha was born on October 7, 1915, Waverly, New York, in another world and time. She was and is a leader.
She graduated from the University of Buffalo, she wrote Medical Microbiology for Nurses which has been found and is now being used as a textbook in a college in Champaign, Illinois as I write this!

Elmira Star-Gazette, Monday, July 18, 1960

Mrs. Dorotha Rae Edgeworth, R.N., B.S., daughter of Mrs. Katherine Rae, 143 Howard St., and the late Arthur Rae, has been appointed by the US Public Health Service as a consultant for the study of Progressive Patient Care at Grant Hospital of Chicago.
Associate director of Nursing at grant Hospital, Mrs. Edgeworth was among key personel who directed the conversion of the hospital to Progressive Patient Care during the spring and summer of 1959. The aim of this revolutionary type of patient care has been to reorganize the hospital into zones of the critically ill, the average patient and the ambulatory patient, and to provide the necessary degree of nursing care to each type of patient.

Mrs. Edgeworth is now recognized as a national authority on patterns of staff nursing for Progressive Patient Care programs.
As a consultant to the Public Health Service, Mrs. Edgeworth will lend advice and counsel to a pilate research study being made at Grant Hospital this summer. The study deals with the personel aspects involved in the conversion to and the operation of progressive patient care in a hospital.
Mrs. Edgeworth was graduated from Buffalo City Hospital, Buffalo, New York, where she received her R.N. degree and from the University of Buffalo where she received her B.S. in Nursing Education.

She was formerly and instructor in the Grant Hospital School of Nursing, and is the co-author of "Medical Microbiology for Nurses".
With her husband Thomas and her children, Tommy and Dorotha, Mrs. Edgeworth expects to spend a mid-August vacation with her mother in Waverly.

She has 5 generations of family who love her.

This is Pappah's story

Pappah died in mom's arms at 20 right before Tday, 2009.
This new Pappah, 1 year old and a female, was in her arms the next day thanks to her youngest, caring daughter, Kat!